The Original Story Book Author

God is the author and the Bible is the storybook, which full of true events

More than this the Bible is a Love story from God

In story form about many ordinary people who God choose to make extraordinary

While there are many who view the Bible as a bunch of fairy stories, especially atheists

But of course, they do so as this allows them to also discount there being a Heavenly Farther God

Whereas if they acknowledged they would also have to accept the Bible as His living word

Along with the Ten Comments which would expose them as sinners in need of a savior

Which would no doubt be too distasteful to their ego and self-worth

The have been many great writers throughout history including William Shakespeare

Who coined the phrase “The world is but a stage, and we are merely actors” as part of the monologue the pastoral comedy As You Like It

Perhaps there was some truth in that phrase, as each person featured in the Bible lived life through the
passages of the Holy Scriptures

Not knowing the direction their lives would take but they were willing to trust God even when events did not go the way they would have chosen

His word is a light in our darkness, hope in our hopelessness

A joy in our sorrow, and inspiration when we lank and allow ourselves to sink in the mire of despair

Praise God the author and creator of all things, the seen and unseen


He Has Risen

The world celebrates Easter with chocolate eggs and other indulgences

Whereas Christians celebrate the risen Christ Jesus, by proclaiming “He has Risen”

Knowing that He died in our place so that we may be forgiven

We can truly rejoice and praise Him with every beat of our new hearts  

As the Holy Spirit continues to transform us so that we may bring glory to His Holy name

With every breath and with every fibre of our being, may our praise never cease as long as we may live

To serve our God and Him alone



Based on a Hymn Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty

The second line is “Early in the morning our praise will rise to Thee

That line came back into my memory and inspired me to get out of my bed early as it says

To raise my praise to the Trinity

My praise

Heavenly Farther thank and praise you for the many blessings you bestow on my family and myself

Thank you for the many answers to my prayers

Thank you, Lord Jesus, that you were willing to suffer and die on the cross at Calvary, to forgive me of all my sins

May the Holly Spirit continue to transform me into the person you would have me be

Teach me, guide me, inspire me, so that I may bring glory to your Holy name

Thank and praise you for every day you give me breath, that may offer my praises to you


He Has Risen

The world celebrates Easter with chocolate eggs and other indulgences

Whereas Christians celebrate the risen Christ Jesus, by proclaiming

“He has Risen”

Knowing that He died in our place so that we may be forgiven

We can truly rejoice and praise Him with every beat of our new hearts  

As the Holy Spirit continues to transform us so that we may bring glory to His Holy name

With every breath and with every fibre of our being, may our praise never cease as long as we may live

To serve our God and Him alone


Growing Pains

All children go through various kinds of growing pains, as a part of maturing

It seems can and do continue well into adult life, as with children adults want to cling to bad habits even though they can easily become addictive, even though they know most are sinful

They continue to Indulge repeatedly while they try to hide those sins from family and friends

Due to the dulling effect of sinful addiction, they become reckless and then are found out by others

Which triggers guilt and denial by making excuses which are a form of lying yet another sin

I once was one such sinner as this, I clung to my sin and didn’t want to give it up.

Affording myself the luxury of believing I was a good person

But No one is good but God only

Since I continued to tell lies, I continued to look with lust (adultery) Ignoring my marriage vows and being unfaithful to my wife

I became condemned by my own actions; no longer could I claim to be (good)

I admitted I was a sinner and prayed for forgiveness as I wrote once before

Praise The Lord He answered and gave me a new heart

Making me a new creation, born again. I as a new child full of joy and praise for my Saviour

As with all children I as a born-again child am experiencing growing pains as I began to mature

The Fruits of the Spirit

I do not boast for I have no goodness of my own, but rather a small but growing fruit of the spirit goodness

In Galatians 5:22-23, Love, Joy, Peace, Forbearance, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-control

As with the eating fruit, the Fruits of the Spirit both take time to grow and mature enough to blossom and bear fruit

After being set m free and forgiven of my sins, I experienced an unexplainable joy

Which was promptly replaced by an overwhelming sadness that so many of the world hated God and even the name of Jesus offended them

It seemed I was directed back to YouTube video exposing false teachers who were busily fleecing the flock which preach anything but the Gospel

My new heart I had been given God allowed me to begin to experience and understand His hatred  

At the same time, my patience continued to grow and strengthen my self-control

My heart ached that I could do so little to reach out to all these poor lost souls

I started praying for prosperity preachers individually as they are beyond my contact reach asking the Holy Spirit to touch and convict them so they would come to know His saving Grace

That they would repent and turn away from their sinful lives before it’s too late

I need the help of prayer warriors to join me in praying against the widespread wackiness that continues to spread and growing stronger with every passing day

Future – Past

Who I am is unimportant as is the actual year or place where I find myself imprisoned

What is important is that I’m still able to warn all who will listen to my warning

I find myself in a perplexing time, not of my choosing

I am unsure how it all began; all I know is that from a normal and quite boring sometimes

Troublesome events descended upon us, all events were unexpectedly forceful

Once it started it was almost choking us or we are being drowned in a tidal wave of emotions

 With every new addition demanding to be noticed while forcibly grasping all free space

Many people succumbed to its powerful influence, by meekly accepting the lies that were spewed out into the world

There is so much EVIL here it grows in strength and size and far beyond the understanding of most whom it has dominated

 In man’s vanity, we created things beyond our capability to control, what once began as ideas took on a life of their own while humans continued to feed and improve them

All too soon what was created outgrew humans to the point where we are no longer needed

Some humans willingly integrated themselves with technology and became superior and gave themselves the power to live forever, but where they ended that life was not were expected

As they vainly began considering themselves Gods, though still unable to escape their fate

While in my past groups whispered and hid in small amounts, without us noticing they grew and began to shout and demand attention

Their power increased and laws were changed to suit their sinful desires

As others feed selfish and vain people only what they wanted to hear

Theses who fed grew wealthy while ignoring the truth that we are all sinners, including those who continue spreading the lies

Little do they know or care that God’s wrath against them is being stored up for Judgement Day

Isaiah 55:6

 “Seek the LORD while He may be found; call on Him while He is near. 7 Let the wicked man forsake his own way and the unrighteous man his own thoughts; let him return to the LORD,”

Reaching out quest

Before this year ends my heart is sorely troubled

Since we appear to be in the last days as born-again Christians, I have an increasing desire to do what I can to help save atheists from God’s wrath and hell

First in prayer, later in writing warning articles that may irritate them, but hopefully they will plant a seed that will convict them of their sins through the power of the Holy Spirit

But atheists are not the only ones there are many prosperity preachers who need praying that they will repent and ask for forgiveness

They will be more challenging to reach as they are unlikely to read comments on YouTube where they seem to appear

I may need to find another way to contact them if possible

Perhaps someone can offer support by adding advice

If any Christian reader feels led by the Holy Spirit to join me in this quest

 I realise this quest might be too must for one person to tackle on my own

Your comments and prayer will be appreciated

What does it mean to wait upon the Lord?

For some reason, the phrase “Wait upon the Lord” popped into my mind

As I was unsure, I started searching, because I thought it could mean I need to “Wait on the Lord” by becoming a servant.

Then again it could have meant I need to be patient for God to answer my prayers

Among the search results was this “The world has so many things they want to offer us on an instantaneous silver platter” basically treating God as a genie

The results of my search were the scriptures, the word wait means to hope, to anticipate, and to trust. To hope and trust in the Lord requires faith, patience, humility, meekness, long-suffering, keeping the commandments, and enduring to the end

Now I understand I pray the good Lord will help me “Wait upon the Lord”

Even though the fruits of the Spirit take time to grow and flourish, even though I know I have been “born again” and God has given me a new heart.

My flesh still fights against me and attempts to regain control through the evil one who lurks in the shadows of my mind ready to accuse or tempt

I will lift up my praise to my Saviour in thanks for all He has done

For whenever, temptation comes my way I remind myself through grace I am a new creation and the things of my past died on the cross with Christ Jesus


Unique and Rare Opportunity

The Year 2023 will Offer a Rare Opportunity for Christians as explained in the Ray Comfort YouTube Video

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Christians Need to check out this video about an extraordinarily exciting, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reach these masses with the Gospel!

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