How Much Sin are You Carrying Around?

From my own experience of how easy it is to accumulate sin, because in my case I didn’t think of it as sinning

Just pleasing myself, but there lays the problem, “SELF” that illusive hidden part of human nature

Illusive and hidden, because it is hard to pinpoint exactly where it is situated within our bodies

While fooling us into thinking whatever sin we are doing is harmless and even part of the human nature

But since sinning is way too easy and briefly pleasurable, we tend not to notice how clings to us, and will begin to demand attention

“SELF” is never satisfied, enough is Never enough! One sin will lead to another, even if it’s not the same sin, although it will be when you begin sinning

As the sin will become habit forming, most times without you noticing, the more you feed SELF, the deeper and darker sinning it will lead you into

While doing so every sin will linger within you adding weight to the sins you have already

Unlike dirt and grime that can be wash off your hands or body when you bathe, Sin sticks and accumulates

Along with this unseen and unpleasant problem, all sins will rob you of any peace or rest, as they grow in strength, they become more demanding  

They will plague every moment throughout your day, and continue to weaken your resistance to indulge  

While you may want or need to give up what started as a bad habit, using your willpower, will be unsuccessful, and you will find slipping back into Sin all too easy

In order to stop sinning you need to Die to Self, by confessing all your sins and praying for forgiveness.

For as long as Self remains, you will be enslaved, you will be worshipping your-Self (a false god)

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Even if,

Even if, I am unable prove there is a Creator God

Even So, I will Praise Him

Even if, this life was all there was

Even So, I will Live for Him alone

Even if, I could never enter into Heaven

Even So, I will Rejoice

Even if, Jesus was a fictional character, as atheists say

Even So, I Know He Lived and Died for us All

Even if, many may mock and call me names

Even So, I care not for what men may say

I know my saviour lives, He lives within my heart

No one can ever sway my belief in Jesus and His saving Grace

There is no power on earth that can alter even one moment of my rebirth

No one or spirit can take away the Joy my Lord has graciously given me

Jesus gave me freedom from that old self, that once enslaved me

Praise You my soul for You are Worthy of all Praise

Every day you give me breath I will sing Your Praises


The Gift

Based on a dream

There were two brothers who had great respect for each other

They were issued a challenge by a church elder, to give a special gift to each other, for no real reason

The gift had to be personal and as unique as they could lame it, as it had to be handcrafted

They both were eager in accepting the challenge and set to the task of think what this gift could be and then creating it

Several days pasted and they shut themselves away from each other, which was unusual and very odd for they normally spent much time together

As they enjoyed each other’s company, but the production of this challenge kept them apart

Their house was unusually quiet while they each struggled with what the gift

Until on the same day after much effort, they both had their gift ready to give

The brothers meet in the living room with the gift in their hands, exchanging them both

They proceeded to unwrap their own gift, while the other did the same, so intense was their attention, they hardly looked up to see what the other thought of their gift

Soon both gifts were unwrapped, both brothers sighed as they each saw the gift looked the same

Each held a plain covered book in their hands, upon opening them, signs of delight and relief spread over their faces

The on gift was full of old photographic memories long forgotten, while the other gift was full of hand written boyhood memories  

“Strange how we both thought to make a book” said the one brother

“Yes” said the other brother, but I’m glad we filled them differently, do you like my gift to you he asked?

“Oh! Yes”, it was a wonderful idea to sort out all these old photographs, I had quite forgotten all about, thank you for your gift

“Thank you for this wonderfully written book, I shall treasure it and read it often

“As wonderful as both of these gifts are” said one brother, I missed your company so much while we were busy. Never let us ever do this again, he paused, as the best gift is always being together”

“I agree” said the other brother, and they hugged each other and laughed at their slight foolishness, thinking a made gift was more important than time spent together

Beside Still Waters

Beside still waters are part of the 23rd Psalm, which still remain the best know Psalm

 He makes me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters

It has long been my favourite Psalm, but until fairly recently the part about still waters had not stood independently out from the rest of the Psalm

The Lord having led me away from the frantic demanding world of self-indulgence, towards green pastures (new life and thoughts)

Where the still waters offer peace and Refreshment, which went unnoticed at first, due to the over bearing demands of my sinful life

Similar to living in a bust town and going to the countryside, you are so used to the constant noise, the lack of load noise in the countryside is not readily appreciated

So, it was with this new experience of the still waters, which genteelly soothed my troubled spirit

Bathing my mind also washing away even the memory of those sinful and destroying thoughts

Since I have remained here in the green pastures, with the Lord’s tender care

I have no knowledge of the length of time since He freed me, and allowed me to stay here in this wonderful place

All I know for sure is the longer I am here and His love surrounds me, the power of my old self grows less with every passing day

Praise the Lord, from all blessing flow


Weeds of Wickedness

Although I have been truly “Born Again” a New creation, then why do I still have times when I miss my past sinful life?

Times when my whole body yearns for the old self-centred self

Old sinful thought creep into my mind, along with doubts concerning this transformation of mine

While believe I ‘m a New creation at least in spirit, my body is still the sinful old self, which undergoing a transformation too

But it seems my earthly body will take long to transform, which made me wonder why

The it occurred to me all of my past sins were like weeds of wickedness, and as with normal weeds they can be long rooted, also the sin weeds are able to coke love and hope

Indeed, sin will coke all of the fruits of the spirit along with any new desire for serving God

In closing I would ask all readers to uplift me in prayer, that I may become more than a overcomer, not for my own sake, but so I may be able to truly glorify God  

What a wicked Web

The title is the begging part a famous poetic saying, “Oh what a wicked web we weave, when we first practice to deceive “

Which implies that when we lie on purpose, we continue to need to lie more and more, in order that others don’t find out the first lie

I have often heard that lying is a Sin, because it’s one of the Ten Commandments, but I looked it up and that is Not what the Commandment says, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour” this what is written

Therefore, the act of lying itself is not the sin, it’s lying against you neighbour

But lying is not just saying something that’s untrue it can also be living a lie, which might be where this idea of a wicked web comes into play

Where someone may tell a lie in order to gain or impress others, and then continue that lie by pretending they are what they lied about or what they said they had

So, what is a lie?

There are many who would say they only Fib, others who say they only tell White lies

As an Elder of a church once said a “Lie is a Lie, whatever you label it with”

 Also lies Don’t come in shades of colour, or lesser untruthfulness

Property preacher living a Lie, at the same time twist the truth to suit what their audience wants to hear, as they have itchy ears

Although the leaders of the property movement call themselves “Preachers” what they supposed preach, is designed to fleece their flock of as much money as possible in all meetings

Not to Feed the flock, the flock being the thousands that all too willingly get sucked into believing all the lies

The Future is Coming, Are You Ready?

When you are a child you are impatient about waiting for anything, especially when your birthday is months away

You probably wish time would get a move on, speed up so that day would get here sooner

Then as you grow older, it seems that time has taken notice as it appears to get quicker every year

Therefore, the future of mankind is almost within reach, which could be a brighter future if all religions put aside, that is the thinking of all atheists

Along with the scientific minded community, who have already planned the extent of human life span.

To the point of eternal life, which goes hand in hand with present day thinking, that we are gods!

In spite of many still clinging to the theory of evolution, it seems science and atheists have such a strong desire to reach their ideal future, that they don’t want to wait for evolution

Instead they push aside anything that stands in their way of their chosen vision of the future of mankind, without considering the consequences

To all of those who aim towards such a future, I would say “The Future is Coming, Are You Ready”

I wonder if in their zealousness they will eagerly kill of religiously minded people and all other those they consider unfit for the future they seek

As for myself I know the Bible is true, not just believe, for I am a witness to the powerful change in my life, not by any of my efforts nor feeble will to change.

Once I admitted I was a sinner and surrendered all of my life past and present and future to Jesus. I underwent such a total transformation through the saving grace of my Lord Jesus

Now I know what it is to become a new creation, even though I have a lot of growing to do, the peace is so beautiful and yet a mere hint of what is yet to come.

When Christ returns, oh glorious day. The Real Future is Coming, Are You Ready?

The Lord is My Shepard

Probably the most best-known Psalms in the Bible, written by King David

This was later on in history turn into a much-loved Hymn and later on still underwent a transformation with modern tune and a slight rearrangement of the words

Of course, Psalms were already sacred songs when they were written by David

The words offer comfort in times of trouble and real sense of security, from knowing God in in control

With the words which were meant to dispel all fear, by replacing fear with trust in God’s goodness – mercy and boundless love


I freely and willingly proclaim that Jesus is my saviour and king of my life, I will sing His praises every day He gives me breath

Take heart my king in what you hear, may it be a sweet sound in your ear


In these troubled days

In these troubled days I can no longer ignore the beginning of the prophecies of the great tribulation, and the unleashing of God’s wrath

The uncontrollable bush fires of Australia, to the outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus outbreak, killing many but also spreading to other countries

Swiftly followed by Biblical plague proportions of Locust swarms masses the size of cities in East Africa

Warning signs have been presented for all to see or ignore, with humans been given over to “strange flesh” as quoted in the Bible

With Gay parades flaunting rainbow coloured flags, men and women openly kissing their own sex

False teachers who spread a perverted gospel, the twist or alter the words of God to appeal to those who don’t even think themselves sinners

These false teachers tickle the ears of those sinners with promises of “Your Best Life Now” preaching, with no mention of repentance

Instead promises of great wealth is flaunted with some of these false preachers wading through piles of banknotes, while demanding of God “Money Right Now”

All the while they are supposedly preaching, they gain the wealth for these selves

The wolves are no longer at our doors, they are devouring the flock, not only by stealing money, but also robbing the flock of any hope of salvation

For they are not taught about the need, they are never told they need to repent, they don’t even know they worship false gods

The evil one has already devoured many and enslaved many more, for he knows his time is short and attempts to take as many as he can, with him in vain hopes there is safety in numbers

That God may not condemn him to eternal fire, as there will be so many of us humans who the evil one has surrounding him when the final judgement is given