What a Crazy World

What a Crazy World We’re Living In”

Back in the days when this song was a smash hit sung by Joe Brown, which was the theme tune of the film of the same name

Despite the words about the crazy world, compared to this modern-day life in the 60s was SANE

The year 2020 will go down in history or at least it should, not because it unfolded into the most amazing and stunning year full of wonderful opportunities to become great or famous or wealthy

Rather it was the year COVID-19 went worldwide along with many lockdowns restrictions including self-isolate and stay-at-home recommendations

 Then came the big advice push for everyone to get vaccinated as well as the constant updates of increasing deaths, causing widespread panic

Later on, causing unwelcomed division between those vaccinated and those unvaccinated

As if the continuation of the virus and all it entailed through the following years was enough to contend with, as a Christian I have noticed that Christianity and all those who believed were attacked from many directions.

Note: I realize this process has been a long and slow process, but attacks on the Christian faith seemed to have increased with every passing year

Atheists spread intentional lies with the use of video, causing doubts including divided opinions about faith doctrines and many churches became empty as many believers left.

The increasing pressure on Christianity from the rest of the world to embrace the LGBTIQ+ “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender diverse, intersex and queer” communities

While all members of the LGBTIQ+ now enjoy a whole month of “Pride “which includes continuing freedom of speech for all their members, Christians are labelled bigots and homophobic for expressing their faith (exercising their freedom of speech)

As part of the LGBTIQ+ movement, same-sex marriages have not only been made legal but enforced churches to comply even though this goes against the Christian belief

As a former slave to sin freed and saved by Grace I make no apologies for sharing the teaching of the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I do so out of concern and love

Some countries have banned Christians from going to their country or enforced laws preventing Christian’s freedom of speech and banning the Bible from being taken into their country

40th Anniversary

We are just back from a celebration meal out as it is our 40th Wedding Anniversary today

I can hardly believe the time has shot past so quick, I added this video by the late great Peter Sellers

Since I found his version funny I thought I would share it with my readers

I have also included a photo of my wife and myself still decked up for the occasion

Even though there have been struggles and problems, I can honestly say our marriage has never been dull or boring

Carol my loverly bubbly wife always says she is 21 every year, I won’t tell say how old she really is, all I will say is she is a big kid at heart

More Than Dreams

Dreams are a common occurrence in every human, yet for many people dreams disappear as soon as they awake.

Other people have the ability to remember all the details of their dreams

In the Bible God often used dreams to teach or instruct those who He had chosen

Then there was Joseph would not only receive dreams from God but could also interpret the hidden meaning.

Although this skill was not always appreciated by those, he explained their dreams too

While the days of Joseph remain in the past, there have been many others who claim to understand the meaning of dreams.

Some have written and published books on the subject of dreams and offer their acquired knowledge for a price. While they try to hide their involvement in the dark crafts

 Whereas these video series offer free access to all the dramatized films of followers of other faiths, who encountered Jesus in their dreams

More Than Dreams Link Below


Praise the Name of Jesus

Thou have created all things and for your pleasure, they are created

Psalm 18:2 The Lord is my rock, and my fortress and my deliverer. My God, my rock, in whom I take refuge; My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

Praise the name of Jesus

He’s my rock, He’s my fortress

He’s my deliverer

I will sing His praises for Jesus is worthy of praise

He was patient with me while I stubbornly clung to my increasing sinful nature

Jesus forgave me of all my sins as a gift even though I didn’t deserve His forgiveness

Jesus also freed me of my sexual addiction, freeing my mind and giving me a new heart

So that I would begin to desire the things of God and He put a new spirit within me

Teaching me and guiding me even through times of trouble and hardships, He is my comfort and true and faithful friend

When I consider all, He has done for such a sinner as me I can scarcely take in

With the pain, the suffering that He willingly went through I stand amazed in humble adoration

There is no lie that can be told or argument that will shake me from knowing that Jesus is my Lord and He is worth praising every day He gives me breath

Storms of Life

I have never been aboard a boat in the midst of a tempest as the decuples were

Even though they were seasoned fishermen, when the storm hit the boat with full force they were struck with great fear for their lives

In a great panic, they went over to the sleeping Jesus and woke Him saying “Lord, save us! We are perishing!”

 “You of little faith,” Jesus replied, “why are you so afraid?” Then He got up and rebuked the winds and the sea, and it was perfectly calm.

There are many storms in life not just raging waters, are we any braver or any more faithful than the decuples?

I know from an unexpected experience just how much the storm of trouble shook my faith, causing me to panic as if I was about to drown

I admit that it was easy for me to tell someone else to have faith and trust God and let go of worrying once they had prayed

How much harder it was to take my own advice in the midst of my storm, even though it was insignificant in comparison to the trial and hardships of St Paul

Even though my storm was puny compared to Paul, I panicked I doubt I worried, but through this storm, God was teaching me and revealing truths that I had not wanted to even acknowledge when I was an unrepented sinner

The storm waters I find myself in seem to be getting deeper that I am unable to shake off the fear of drowning, but even so, the situation is making me trust in God more than ever before

Even though God has answered many prayers and bestowed many blessings on my family and me, then why do I find myself full of uncertainty?

Please Pray for me, as I pray you to have stronger faith in the storms of life


“Patience is a virtue not many folks possess” is the only line of a poem my wife wrote

Which came into my mind recently when my wife while more asleep than awake

Pushed against me with force while lying beside me in bed, not seeming to know it was me her husband whom she thrust at

Within a split second my own anger sparked within me to retaliate; any notion of patience faded

If I the husband of nearly 40 years felt such anger towards such child-like women as my wife

Was incapable of containing unwarranted anger toward my own wife

Then I do not deserve to be loved or forgiven, because at that moment in time I was neither patient or forging

The Lord God thankfully stayed my hand from harming my beloved wife, in the way my anger would have directed me to do

Afterthought: Patience needs to be practised daily along with prayer so it may grow and replace all that is not of God

The Holy Bible

Another open discussion feel free to comment

These present days the Bible is either considered outdated or just a bunch of fairy tales

As believers, we are frequently called bigots for many reasons and we are often classed as foolish or arrogant because we affirm that Christianity is the only true faith

Whereas atheists frequently remind us that there are thousands of religions and holy books which have many devoted followers who believe their holy book and religion is the true one

So what makes Christianity any different?

First of all other faiths are works based, whereas Christianity is based on the free gift of forgiveness, that no other faith offers

Moreover, Christianity is based on a relationship with Jesus who offers to be our personal Saviour if we admit we are sinners and are truly repentant and ask for forgiveness

There are those who would kill off all the need for an intelligent designing god and say Jesus is just another myth dying and rising god.

To add more supposed proof atheists created a film discussing all the supposed dying rising gods with the aim to discredit Jesus.

Heavily relying on most people including some Christians not bothering to double-check out the so-called facts

The glaring truth of the falsehood of the entire film was that all these supposed Jesus like myth gods were portraited all the same features

From the virgin birth done to all the other features of Jesus, where in fact none of them had any of these features.

The biggest giveaway was they were all claimed to have been born on December the 25th

When all true Christians know the date of Jesus was not given in the Bible, and that date was only introduced much later in history as a way to help “Christianize” all heathens

Sneaky Distractions

Why are distractions sneaky?

Because they always seem ready to fill and stop you from doing what you need to do

Although even day to day chores can be used to distract you by the enemy

Who takes delight in providing you with anything he can to stop you from praying or reading your bible

The enemy wants to keep you so busy that you forget to worship God first and study His word

These attacks happen more often when you are a newly born again Christian, but even those who have allowed the Holy Spirit to strengthen and grow the new you

If the enemy fails to distract you enough he will remind you of sins you committed before you repented, in an effort to make you feel guilty which may make you long for those sins

But stay strong and resist all temptation, admit to whatever sins come to your mind ask God for forgiveness and to continue to teach you and guide you in His ways

Innocent Porn

Something to Stu Over

I shared this a few years back. But with the heavy onslaught of pornographic material in our world today I feel the need to share this poem again…

Secret fantasies, forbidden fruit
Dangerous seeds are taking root

Pleasant to the eyes, poison to the soul
Weeds and thorns are beginning to grow

“Victimless” lust, “harmless” sin
Persuasive words for many men

Selfish personal gratification
Spiritual, marital desecration

In the midst of the garden a tree of life
Nearby a lovely flower called a wife

But the flower struggles among the weeds
Of a man who does not account for his deeds

Thorns prick and pierce flower’s tenderness
What a man does is his own business

Captivated by pretend ignoring the real
Not understanding what the flower may feel

Placing blame but avoiding responsibility
Man continues to lose his credibility

Sin separates as it always does
Unable to revive what once…

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Die to self

Here I’m not talking about suicide, but admitting you are a sinner and asking for forgiveness

Repentance (turn entirely away from sin) is needed and confession of all your sins

“Unless you are born again you can never enter heaven” which means you need to die to yourself (the old self – the sinning self – the self-centred self)

The reason it can be hard to do this as we take for granted our God-given free will

Frequently misusing it by self-indulging in bad habits or at least things that offer small short pleasure.

Bad habits vs Good habits

Bad habits seem harmless and they are really easy to get into but hard to break because the more you indulge the more you desire to indulge

Before you realise you are addicted and even though you may try to stop, you can’t rely on using your own willpower, as you have already given up your free will and all willpower when you first indulged


Good habits take time and consistent effort, and persistence

Leaving little room for the “SELF” less old bad habits snare you back as a slave to the sin you had before

Once you have repented and given your whole life to Christ, you will begin to hate what you once desired. You will be tempted, but you will be able to resist through His strength. “For I can do all things through He who strengthens me