Laughter a Joy onto the soul

In answer to a question about what is a laugh, Kenny Dodd once said “There are many layers of laughter, like a rainbow which starts with the brightest colour white, the purest of laughter is that of children

When you pass a school playground, you will their laughter which is just the simple joy of being alive

The sound of this laughter can lift your spirits and is a to your soul, the soul that sacred home of pure being and all admirable emotions

Such as love – joy – compassion – kindness – thoughtfulness – consideration

There have been many times in my life when someone’s laughter has touched my soul and lifted me up from dark and troublesome times

When my heart had been heavy laden and my mind is also troubled, but thankfully the sound of my wife’s laughter dispersed all the darkness

For my wife is liked to Peter Pan, she never wanted to grow up, at least in her mind and heart, for within the soul of us all lies the childlike joy that is expressed through the sound of laughter

What a dark and gloomy world this would be without love or the beautiful sound of laughter, for love and laughter have the power to defeat even the darkest and loneliest moments of life

Along with the innocence of childhood, that young children possess with their ability to enjoy life just for the pleasure of being alive

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