What wondrous story can I write, what words can I use?

To kindle a fire of hope and joy with your hearts, what words of wisdom could I give – if wisdom has anything to do with years!
Then I should suitably wise, for many years have passed me by, in fleeting moments of time and here I am at the ripe old age of 67 even so I will not bemoan the fast passing of time
As with many others, there have been things I have done and regretted in the past and equally as many things left undone
While no one can alter the past or those thing they regret, we are still able to do those things left undone by starting them without further delay
By adopting the attitude of “never put of till tomorrow what you can do today” we can tackle everything undone as a new and exciting challenge
With this in mind I intend to make out a list of things I have left undone, and work through them one by one until I have achieved them all
I say this not to boast, but to encourage you to do the same as life needs to be lived to the fullest possible for you may never know what you can do unless you at least try
You may never know whose life you may touch and influence by what you do and say, and by enriching someone else’s life you add value to your own
While you may never rise to the dizzy heights of the famous or well renowned, you can always aim to exceptional, never settling for second best or mediocre
Allow yourself to grow beyond any limitations that you or others may have set up in your past, progress onwards and forwards into new adventures


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