Alternative History, what part of history will be yours?

Here I’m not talking about a “Back to the Future” type of thing, were one person altered another person present life by changing the past 

Exploring history
Isn’t history something that you and I leant a school, about what happen in the past?
That’s the way I used to think of history, as events that happen long ago that included famous people
The inventions they created, the masterpieces they wrote or music they composed which became their legacy left to future generations
However no matter how great the people of the past have been, history is more than dusty old books or events that happen way before we were born
We are all part of the present day history, which may sound odd but once a day or month or year is gone it become part of the past or history
So in fact each day of your life that you have lived so far, becomes part of your own personal history
You may say “I’m not famous” or “There is nothing left for me to invent” or even “I’m not talented enough to create a masterpiece”
All of these are excuses for not even trying, for “you never know what you can do, until you try” quote from my late father
For even famous people from the probably no idea or intention of becoming famous, while it’s true there have been many born with the ability to rise to genius, others struggled throughout their lives
Such as Vincent van Gogh who struggled in the early part of his life and didn’t become recognised as a great artist until after he died
As to the alternative history, I wondered what famous people might be like if they had been born, in our present days, would they have still become famous or fade into a mundane life
Would have Shakespeare have written such elegant masterpieces, if he had been born in a different time and country perhaps the words and phrases he used would be totally different
Well that is something will never know, as that historical figure was from the distant past
But how about the ongoing history, your history in the making?
Everyone has the power to affect other people’s lives within the present day, which later on will become history, so make your mark and become an important part of history
Not for vanity, but for the enduring sweetness of knowing you made a difference


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