A Question of Faith

This is my update about a group of videos on YouTube, uploaded by a group of Atheists, who run a live phone in debate programme, and video them so they can get a wider audience watching

Who ask for believers to phone and have discussion about why they believe, and then proceed to try to make the believer seem silly or stupid or blinded by what they term fairy stories

Even going as far as stating the there is no proof that Jesus actually lived at all, and boldly claiming there is no heavily supreme god

They also question why the believer thinks the Bible is true and ask what proof the believer can offer

But when any believer say “it’s by faith I believe”, the Atheists disregard this by saying to the believer they need to wake up to reality

So why do I continue to watch these videos you may well ask, because those Atheist radio phone in programmes only serve to make me more determined to prove them wrong, even at times I can see valid arguments against religion as a whole


As there have been many occasions in history that Christianity has been used in a self-righteous way by a man’s vanity to be superior over of the races

Killing or enslaving many others in the name of Christ, although this was totally wrong and against Christ’s teaching, this was because of man’s inability to interpret capital God’s will

The Pharisees of the Old Testament often by adding to their own regulations which became burdensome to the people they were meant to be teaching

Pharisees well-known for this form of self-righteousness, Jesus frequently chastised them for almost completely turning away from the rules that there have been given by God

As to the remark by the atheists that Jesus was never born and the story of his birth history as another fairy story within the holy Bible which according to them is full of for fairy stories

Many are the atheist’s claim that the holy Bible has been proven to be wrong and it was written by nomadic tribes of a superstitious nature and therefore has no truth in it in

However this argument by the atheist’s falls short Internet the Bible is in two sections, the first being the Old Testament and the other the New Testament

New Testament was written by the apostles, including the devout zealous Jew, Paul who before he became a Christian put many of Christ’s followers to death until the day Jesus appeared to him until the day he would accept Christ as his saviour


As to the atheists statement that Jesus was never even born, and purely a fictional character they failed to provide any reason why stories of Jesus

Why would anyone produce such stories and include them in what was to become the New Testament of the Holly Bible book?

Furthermore if Jesus was not in life had never been born and lived and died on the cross or tree as explained in the gospels, then how is it possible that so many people’s lives have been transformed when it pray to Jesus coming to you, into their lives?

For example the founder of the salvation army William Booth was stronger convinced that the word of god needed to be taken to those who needed the gospels taught to them and he went into the east end of London which was in those days unsuitable place to go preaching

As there were many vices were rife, also there was no compassion within that community

Even so he went ahead and preached frequently although there was great opposition to his and his speaking and all did not go well but he persisted

Overtime conversions to the faith began and grew, for many would transform from their worthless and pointless lives into more fulfilled and happier lives

Even in these present days, many lives have been totally transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, after accepting Jesus as their Lord and Saviour



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