My walk with Jesus

Sometime ago I was asked by someone write an article for the church newsletter, it was suggested I write about my journey in life with God

As you will see I titled it my walk with Jesus, although it’s been more of a meander than a walk.
As to the straight and narrow path of my journey, all too often that straight path has been side tracked – twisted and diverted, sorry about that Lord I am just human with all our short comings.

The thing is Jesus and I go back a long way we grew up together – well kind of, I was told years ago I attended Sunday school although I have no memory of that
But I suppose some of the lessons must have sunk in, it wasn’t until I went to secondary school I began learn about God and creation with was taught through Bible readings

This may sound dated but in those days schools read passages of the Bible every morning at assembly, starting at the very beginning of creation with Genesis
I’m unsure of the length of time before they got to the New Testament and the stories of Jesus, but somehow it seemed as if I at least was being allowed to be present at His birth – through the power of imagination of course

Continuing to watch Him grow and mature later on into sinless man, experiencing with Him the trials and tribulations of His life, only to be restricted by my imagination to turn the spoken word into vivid images
I experience an intense feeling of sadness and anger and frustration, at the way His own disciples turn away from Him, and how such cruelty was inflicted on Him before He was taken from our world
But of course that thankfully was not the end of His story, even though His disciples failed to understand this and they didn’t even recognise Him until their eyes were opened
Although I considered myself a Christian and Jesus as a close friend, it wasn’t until much later on in my life I accepted Him as my Saviour; He still remains a true friend even when I am not

A friend who is always ready to listen and help me and advise me, with what most of the time must seem like so trivial matters to Him, yet He is patient and understanding
May God touch your hearts Bless you all, at least as much as God has blessed me


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