My reply to another blogger

After I had written my post about “my walk with Jesus” I received notice that another blogger though my post was awesome enough to like it
But on visiting that blogger’s blog run by Robert, I found it to be Atheist in content, as its content and reply comments made by Robert were criticism about Christianity
So I commented on his blog and this is what I wrote


I found it strange that you came to my blog post about “my walk with Jesus” and liked my post and yet in your blog you write so much criticism about Christianity and in the process denying Christ
As without Jesus Christ there would have never have been any Christianity
You also limited the discussion to Christians and ignoring the Jews!
By doing that you miss out the 1st part of the Bible the Old Testament which belonged to the Jewish people long before the New Testament – also Jesus was born into their faith and only later on after his death did Christianity start
As the Old Testament is where the story of creation of man’s as unique is told, and his domination over all other creatures
You say Christians cannot accept reality, well the reality is Christians are human and every human being is such capable of good or evil and yes I include myself
You too are just as capable of good or evil, whatever you choose you are still capable of either
Yes the church and its leader of the past have been guilty of suppressing the truth, but not Christianity itself only those who were meant to represent the faith

As to evolution being supported by evidence, but it lack any reasoning to why the whole process should have taken place
I suggest you read my post


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