Prayer versus Creative visualization

Prayer has become tainted by modern world thinking, which has alternative ways of getting what you want in life
Example finical freedom – New relationships – Cars and other possessions

While there is nothing wrong with wanting a better life, the bible offers a different way of thinking “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you”

This is where prayer comes into its own, as more than just getting what we want – but rather a way of direct talking with God

Now let me turn my attention to the world’s alternative methods, positive thinking – abundant thinking (part of The Secret) and creative visualization

Creative visualization is like making a mind movie with your imagination, where you can see yourself living your dreams.
Reprograming your subconscious so it accepts these imaginary thought as if they a real memory

Negative thinking is discouraged as it is said to bring more of the same negative things into your life

To get to that stage involves, meditation, determined focus on those new desires and goals
You also have to at peace with yourself and free from worries, which if you think about that you will see that it is part of what you are attempting to change
Furthermore in visualization, you are encouraged to think in vivid and colourful images, but we must fully accept what we manifest

From this brief look into this alternative way (creative visualization) that is cumbersome and demanding of much time and effort

Plus it is a self-centred and prone to be a self-greed based practice, whereas the process of praying is act of willing submission to the will of a higher authority
Where we learn to be patient and to accept that our heavenly father knows what we really need rather than what we want
But prayer is far more than just asking, through prayer we have direct access to talk to God and for Him to talk back in answers

Prayer also brings a sense of peace which goes way beyond our understanding, and prayer is also our way of praising too


2 thoughts on “Prayer versus Creative visualization

    • As to prayer being a form of creative visualization – then the proof for creative visualization by science, should also apply to prayer
      Which makes other forms of creative visualization obsolete, as prayer is then as affective


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