Evolution vs creation the ongoing debate

Actually debate is the wrong word, as with a proper debate both sides enter into it and discuss their side of the argument

However this is not the case, as tis discussion for want of a better suited word, is one sided

Let me explain, Christians upload praise videos with assorted Hymns and other praise songs as a way of uplifting those Christians who either need encouraging or just enjoy joining in the praise by singing along or adding thanks’ for those who uploading the collection

Then along comes the atheists with their snide uncalled for comments, which results in counter remarks from Christians, and so this lope sided discussion begins

I have listened to many arguments and read many comments given by the atheists who will argue against Christianity and creation

So I thought I would look at this argument from an objective point of view, and not as a Christian, although I am and have been nearly 67 years

Therefore will not be including passages from the Bible, but rather explaining the atheist point of view and way this logic if taken to extremes could do a U-turn turn on the very same argument

The general argument goes something like this, the Bible is made of for fairy stories written by superstitious nomadic tribes, and more over the Bible has been proved to be wrong on many occasions

But considering the time in history the “Old Testament“ (The Tora ) was written, it’s fairly comprehensive for “superstitious” people, moreover why would any people wish to have themselves portrayed in such a unflattering way as contained with the so called “fairy stories”

The atheists says that all the contents of the Bible just stories and never really happened, moreover the main characters within these stories never even existed

The atheists a that Moses was not a real person, and neither was Jesus and there for believing in Jesus is foolishness and therefore Christians are stupid

Atheists often quote evolution has been the force behind all life on earth, along with the big bang theory to explain how the universe itself was made

At a basic level what they are saying is that, there is no design –as “evolution all living life just happen” so every living creature on the planet came to be as a random series of chaotic flunks or mere chance

As they would argue there was no any intelligence or creator behind the whole process

To them this point of view is logical, but I wonder how moany have this logic to the ultimate conclusion

Which is if there was never any intelligence or creator involved, and everything was brought about by pure chance, then all of human achievements – inventions and complex devices were also brought about by pure chance

Even our creativeness and intelligence would count for nothing, for if they follow their own logic, everything humans have even done, would have come into life without our efforts or even thoughts

As to the big bang theory and it being proved by the Hubble telescope that our universe and even time itself had a beginning when the big bang happened

The big bang itself was caused they say, by a massive compact collection of matter in the form of a fireball, which seems to be hanging around within a void (emptiness – before there was space)

But nobody that supports this odd idea has any suggestion where this fireball came from or how it hung in empty space (as there was no space for it to be in) and where it came from

In fact many of those who support the big bang as the answer to the beginning of life, will not even discuss what might have been before the bang happen, or why it should explode and how was it controlled so exact

As atheists and scientist would say nothing can come from nothing

Richard Dawkins a well know atheist, stated “evolution was not random chance or chaotic” but rather an slow process of natural selection (Darwin’s theory)


One thought on “Evolution vs creation the ongoing debate

  1. Thank you Graham for your strong stand for God and His Creation, which includes us, yes we do know as Christians that we didn’t evolve from Animals but perhaps the link below will give better understanding.

    Creation- https://freedomborn.wordpress.com/2015/10/03/wow-a-new-missing-link-has-been-found/

    With having been deceived as a young Teenager that I came from an Ape and Jesus was just made up and so than being an Atheist at least in my head but not my heart for almost 30 years, how wonderful as a Christian to now know the Truth.

    Blessings – Anne.


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