Humans the strangest of all my creations

Note: Put aside for a little while all differences of opinions beliefs or disbeliefs, and read this as if was a personal letter from a creator whoever or whatever you perceive to be

Note I am not claiming to be the creator’s messenger, but rather a creative writer, who longs for us all to become “one” again as we were in the beginning whatever you perceive that to be


Out of creation with its vast complexity, beauty and individuality, humans have proved to be strangest of all my creations

Even though I created them a little lower than the angels in their abilities, proving to be both a blessing and frustration

For they have taken what I gave of myself, creativeness – intelligence – compassion the ability to love and most of all free will

While a few have done great things and have sacrificed much in the surface of all humanity, others have taken everything I have given them and have twisted it beyond all recognition

Turning love into hate, creativeness into destruction and turning intelligence into of self-righteousness completely turning away from me and denying my existence

Even those who profess to know the truth of my words, are guilty of alteration of the truth that I gave to all humanity so that they would have one true set of instructions to guide them

They took my instructions and interpreted them each into their own language, all changing the words as their language developed, steadfastly clinking onto the and version of my words building it into a religion that I never meant them to have

Still other humans allowed their intelligence to dominate their thinking and put aside all traces of belief to replace belief with scientific investigation, only accepting the things they could prove with the facts or at least what they thought to be facts

Coming up with theories and then setting out to prove they were right from, even to the extent of altering or tampering with evidence in order to keep the theory intact

Refusing to allow any possibility that they ignoring belief, they deny any possibility of the full truth

Still other humans who claimed to seek after my truth, allowed many things to cloud their judgment many things to distract them and their own personalities to dictate the words which they later would claim to be mine

While there is some truth in the words that they have written, there are far from dead complete truth, for if they knew the falls knowledge of the truth it would destroy the are still feeble minds

My heart aches, I yearn for them all to come back to me as the children they were once with loving hearts and open minds and the willingness to listen to my words once more

For they can never know my utter sorrow that they cause by the rebellion against me, or comprehend the depth of the wounds I suffer when they deny me

For I am still your loving father, who longs to teach you, and who still loves you and wants to protect you from the harm that you often inflict upon yourselves I plead with you to seek me out with a heart and mind of the child so that you may know my truth, not for my sake I plead with you but rather for your own, so that you may know peace and fullness in your own life

It is time all people put aside their differences and unite as the on species “Humans”

Your loving creator


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