The Last Christmas

A distant chiming church clock reminded me this special day was nearly over, even though I had tried to make the most of this one day, by inviting family and friends and homeless people

I couldn’t help feeling an overwhelming sadness building up inside of me, with such strong force it felt as if I would explode

It had been a day of mixed emotions, joyfulness and sadness at thought of what was to come, for it had been decided by the rulers of every country in the world

That religion along with faith was hindering the progress of humankind and so they put into action a plan to remove the desire and passion of religion from everyone in the world

There had been talk of having one worldwide religion, but nobody could agree on which one and the suggestion of the Illuminati was not acceptable to any religions

So it was in secrecy they launched space probes with mind cleansing power, with full intent to keep the general public uninformed about this until the deemed necessary

Only informing Christian in December that this year was to be the last Christmas we would be able to celebrate, after that we would not even a faint memory would remain

The Last Christmas day is almost over, and tears fill my eyes and that sadness grows ever more in strength, not just because of my own faith that will shortly be no more, but also for all people in the world

Who would be going through the same sad experience, with overwhelmingly and destructive power!

I also am feel an overwhelming sadness for all those creative praise song writers of times gone by, as soon there will be no reason for them and no one who will sing them

Also for those who chose to dedicate their whole lives in service to what they believed was the only god, while many other places in the world have believed the same of their god

This day will end with the destruction of all faith, all belief, all of the passion of the ages, all too soon there will be no memory of why all believers even had that unshakable belief in a creator god

Along with all of individual holy books, from which we for so long had drawn comfort joy and direction from the words contained with the pages, which such power over its reads

Yet I still weep even more over many willing gave up their lives or killed others who opposed what was so fervently believed

There lies the reason it was decided to put an end to all religions, regardless how noble or perfect its believers considered it to be, and now I understand the authorities decision was right, and that saddens me too that we humans are capable of such crimes against our fellow man, and yet even I, at times have felt such anger that I too might have lashed out in such a violent way

That many religions have used their utter belief to justify killing other human beings, yes even Christians have been guilty of religious persecution and killing, no group of humans are free of that guilt

Yet I shed bitter tears at the thought of having no memory of my beloved saviour, who became my closet friend throughout my life, my comforter companion, my guide, as he was too many countless others

Now this day comes to an end, as the church clock chimes the final hour, I sit all alone wondering what this new life will contain, knowing all holy books will then forever be relegated to sit on bookshelves gathering dust

Unread, unloved, unneeded, and all their words lost with nobody to read them or study them

My thoughts now turn to contemplative if mankind will live to regret the coming dawn, will those who have already turned against religion have their celebrating cut short by the power of this mind cleansing

To find themselves also effected emptied of any passion or purpose, if not by that device then by the fact they will no longer have others to criticize or convert to their way of thinking

As the last chime strikes, I prayed for the last time, God have mercy on us all in the days to come, even though we leave you and travel into this unknown future without your love and protection

Will I even remember this ending and these words I have wrote, and will I be able to tell reader of a distant future that it was all worth the heartaches, or will no one even care about what all too soon be ancient history

Farewell brothers and sisters with all my heart I hope that all mankind will be reunited the one family of humankind and that we may share a passion for each other, and that we all may live in peace and harmony


5 thoughts on “The Last Christmas

  1. Graham I read your Story here before I commented on your About, it was why I asked you if you used Scripture and after reading your Story I felt sadness too because it will come True, it is Prophesy.

    As you probably know we are in the end times and in the first part of the Tribulation but before the Rapture which is called the first Sickle in Revelation, everyone will be made to take the Mark of the Beast, if they refuse they will be charged with being a Traitor and many Christians will be put to death, those of us who escape because we don’t have the Mark will not be able to buy or sell but God will look after our needs until Jesus returns but all forms of Christianity will be abolished and yes Christmas too as your Story foretells.

    “Christ”ian Love Always – Anne.

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  2. I guess I must know more scripture than I thought, through memories still lingering from my school days of the teaching of the Bible
    It was not my intention to write a prophesy, but I hope that more Christians read it and take notice and take it as a warning
    If it doesn’t sound too vain, to say my story must have been inspired by God, or at least God used my emotions to create this personally felt story


    • Yes it seems your Stories are like my Poetry Graham which I also experienced a Sign and Wonder with, they come from The Holy Spirit, most of my Poems I wrote were before I asked for God’s Wisdom and empowering, after I received them I could see that my Poetry had Truths that were confirmed in Scripture, even though some are not taught today but were in the early Church.

      I’m Dyslectic Graham and cannot write fluently except when writing Posts, commenting or e-mailing when they are in reference to Scripture which comes to mind as I write them but I’m still a cracked Vessel, I can’t Spell and I have little Grammar and Punctuation ability but I do prefer at times to use my own as I see some error in the modern forms especially with Scripture, this is the same as error in most of the Newer Translations of the Bible which I can see clearly. Thankfully God is The Super Glue and Spell Check helps me too although I sometimes pick the wrong word, I once chose decaffeinated instead of decapitated another time I said I had mental fatatude instead of fatigue and some others were even more embarrassing, Ron said at least I’m not boring Lol.

      Graham you said you have been Blogging a long time, did you have another Blog? this one looks new.

      Blessings Anne.

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  3. Sorry for the delay in responding

    Yes “The Story book writer, is my newest blog, I started off blogging with MySpace, which stop working as a blog platform, so I swapped over to WordPress but still have others on Blogger <this was my feble attempt to sell rcycled items
    I designed all my own headers, using a easy to use graphic editor

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  4. Thank you Graham for the links, I will check them out in the coming week, there is no need to apologize for your delay in answering, I’m very behind in my Blogging due to ill health and personal problems. I also have had 3 accidents recently that left me in a lot of pain but I do feel a lot better now and the pain just comes and goes, it is not constant or as severe as it was before and I can even type now without pain in my shoulder.

    You seem to be a very gifted man Graham and yet also a very humble man and this I respect very much, I’m very Thankful that our paths crossed and look forward to sharing with you through our Blogs.

    Much Love and Blessings for Easter Graham both for you and your family, how wonderful that the reality of Jesus Birth and Death remind us of God’s great Love for us – Anne.

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