Knowing Your Enemy

Knowing Your Enemy and You Own Weaknesses

This is more of a reminder that the enemy is real, not we should get to know him

Atheists often proclaim “The is no God” this also includes the farther of all lies the devil, as he is the god of this world, thankfully only temporary

Also know many other names, but his original name was Lucifer, but atheists would say that the devil was a fiction character made up by early churches to keep Christians in the darkness of religion

But if the devil does not exist, then why are there devoted followers and websites devoted to Satan, plus the great lengths he has gone to hide himself

While all the time spreading false information about God and His holy word, the Muslims depict Satan as a Gini or spirit creature and not as a fallen angel

But it seems the devil has taken matters into his own hands, for over many centuries he has allowed and probably encouraged false rumours to flourish

Even to the extent of people poking fun at him as if he was mischievous imp with no real power, but this was all part of his sneaky plan to make himself appear so ridiculous that people would then start thinking God was unreal too

Another thing about the enemy is he uses our own weaknesses against us, our anger – frustration and disappointments, and if he can stir us up enough turn love into hate

Blinding us so much we become our own worst enemy, whilst he come across as concerned and supportive friend, which is completely untrue

He takes advantage of our human nature, twisting everything to his advantage, constantly feeding us lies poisoning every thought so much we become incapable of sorting out what is true or false

Which leads to the need to put on the full armour of god on before we attempt to do battle, has more information about the full armour of god, I know about it but like many others know little of how to put it on

But also keeping the full armour , for the emery will trick you into removing it, with as many lies as it takes so he can then attack fully and begin to pervert your mind dragging you away from your faith


One thought on “Knowing Your Enemy

  1. Thank you Graham for the Pingback, I appreciate very much that you also value God’s Truth which I share when He convicts me to do so. As Christians Thankfully we already have all the Armour in Christ Jesus, what we need to do is recognize this and than walk in Freedom as we Pray in His Name by the Power of The Holy Spirit who indwells us by Faith.

    But we are not to rail against Satan as some do but which the Arch Angel Michael tells us not to do, when I’m under attack I pray the Prayer below that God gave me many years ago when I was suffering intense fear, after Praying the fear went and still does today. I also Pray this Prayer for others when lead by The Spirit to do so, my Brother was saved from death at the same time that I Prayed this Prayer for him even though I did not know that he was dying or even in Hospital.

    “In the Name of Jesus who died for my sins, I ask you Lord to please bind Satan that He cannot attack me Physically, Mentally, Emotionally or Spiritually.” Amen.

    “Christ”ian Love Always dear Christian Brother – Anne.


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