The Day Beyond Tomorrow

Continuation of the Last Christmas story, and the affect effects on everyone

I recommend you read that story first if you have not done so already

This addition is how life is through the eyes of someone knows only the present life, in this new world there are only two classes, servants and masters (those who stored up wealth and information on what happened so they could acquire their new status 

Based on the illuminati taking over world control


I don’t know why I am complied to write this, or who I write this for, and I have little time to write

Furthermore I don’t know where I got the skill from as I am one of the many inferior class

We don’t even own the sparse clothing we wear the master provide and we were not created to have any skills other than faithfully serving our masters, our masters created us servant class to make their lives free from the day to day chores

My identifying tag isIT3005 I am uncertain why I tell you this as I am of little importance or real worth, as I have been frequently told by my master

We are told we were only created by the masters to become slaves for them, but they allowed to become their servants

Perhaps I write and explain things for my own sake, except I have no experience of pleasure, as our masters deemed it unnecessary

We are not allowed to talk except for answering a master question if they chose to lower themselves to talk to us, which is not often most times they just give their orders

We are expected to carry out those orders without question, silently obeying

All of the masters live in huge houses where we are only allowed to enter into when we are summoned to perform some duty and then we swiftly leave and return to our sheds

Where we allowed share the space of the sheds with all the other animals, if the masters decide we are too foul smelling to be allowed indoors we have to bathe within rain water barrels

Regular worship by the masters is held in private, we are not even allowed to know where they go, as we are unworthy creatures, we are only required to help them dress in preparation but have to leave afterwards

We servants have no understanding of what worship is, as it is only for the masters and therefore we don’t need to know

We are not even allowed to see our master leaving the house, we are not allowed to know who or what they worship or where they go to

Every servant has to accept our life as to the masters, without question or complaint as these are punishable crimes

When I am allowed to sleep strange thoughts and images trouble my mind, and sometimes linger on throughout my working day, but as I am always kept busy with little time for trying to make sense of dreams or thoughts


2 thoughts on “The Day Beyond Tomorrow

  1. Not sure if working for these Masters is the job I’m looking for Graham but than in the New Order I won’t have much choice or say as you shared.

    Seriously I don’t think your far off the mark Graham, yes it may seem like a Story but it adds up, we will be less than Servants with no rights even to life but than the Rapture!

    Blessings – Anne.


  2. Thank you Annie for commenting on “The day beyond tomorrow” from what I know of the illuminati, they are working towards a one world order and religion (their own Satanic) although they would say it wasn’t if we were not part of their group we would be Servants (Slavery would be nearer the mark

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