The depth of Love

I have take care of my lovely wife all of our married life, but because of my vanity I thought she need me

Only to find years later that I need her more, because of her bubbly personality and enjoyment of life

In February of this year my wife had several seizures and had to be taken to hospital, after seven weeks was transfer to a rehab to help gain balance when walking

However due to the change of medication in both strength and frequency, my wife was taken back into hospital and it looks like they are reluctant to admit they may have been wrong and therefore alter the dosage or strength

Almost to the point of ignoring the effects of content vomiting and setbacks are having on my wife and myself

In spite of all the frustrations and disappointments, my wife remains mostly in good spirits

Which I admire and love her more than ever before, as well as experiencing new depths of love

At the same time the pain and anguish and so helpless to alter the situation, I begin to understand the depth of Christ’s love for us all

As I lurch from almost hysterical laughter to tears filling my eyes and wrenching at my heart, it is at these times I give it all up in prayer to God

Not a unfeeling god of stone or brass, not a god of war – not a distant unapproachable god, but rather a God of love – compassion and a God who became human and therefore understands our struggles and weaknesses

A God who is willing to bear our sorrows and who was willing to suffer greatly, far beyond our comprehension with the deepest of love


3 thoughts on “The depth of Love

  1. Thank you Anne, for your support and prayers, I am certainly blessed by Carol being in my life
    You have just sparked inspiration within me with yet another story

    How are you my dear friend?
    Blessings & prayers for you

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    • Sorry for the delay in replying Graham, I’m moving and have lots of packing to do but seeking to find some Blogging time too.

      I will be looking forward to reading your next Story even if in the future and yes you are indeed a dear Blogging friend, your a Man of Faith, Integrity and Compassion and I have a lot of respect for you and appreciate very much your Love and heartfelt care for your wife, yes you both need each other that is how God created us to be.

      Blessing – Anne

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