About my blog site, my purpose was to use it for writing & publishing my stories

However I am also including other items such as videos of music I enjoy, or humorous videos to lighten or lift from dark moments that can invade everyone’s life

As to myself I have been a Blogger for many years, even before it became called blogging

I started out using Myspace until they updated and decided only musicians or those musically talent should be allowed to use their site and therefore they recommended transferring over to WordPress

Although that was no as straight forward as they suggested it would be, as none of my articles or photos were transferred into my WordPress blog – I lost them all forever

As I could no loger gain access to the Myspace account or blog, so I could not even copy and paste my woks from Myspace to WordPresss

Perhaps it was ordained that I needed to leave the past where it belongs, so that I was free to move onwards into an uncharted bright new future, that now is my present day blog


5 thoughts on “About

  1. I understand your frustration with Technology Graham, Ron says if it works don’t fix it but they keep changing it regardless of how it works and in the process they cause confusion and yes frustration.

    I look forward to sharing with you Graham, regardless of Technology, are your Stories fiction or are they based on God’s Truth in Scripture ?

    Christian Love – Anne


    • Thank you for commenting on my blog, as to my Stories they are fiction based, I wish I could say I based them God’s Scriptures
      But my knowledge of scripture is based on the stories that were read out at school Many years ago
      The last Christmas was fictional, but was born of my own frustration and doubts aggravated by a YouTube video which was made by someone who claimed to have been a Christian
      Due to its seemingly personal nature, where he told how and why he gave up his almost life time belief and so made me doubt my own belief
      I have never been one for preaching to others, but always willing to share my faith if asked, and so my blog seems to have taken a life of its own leading and stretching me beyond my comfort zone


  2. Thank you for sharing Graham, I love your honesty and your desire to encourage others is very evident in your comments on Freedomborn and no doubt on other Blogs too, as I said I look forward to sharing with you more and getting to know you better, the Truth is you are my Christian Brother and I’m so Thankful you are.

    I was an Atheist Graham at least in my head but not my heart for almost 30 years after being deceived as a young Teenager that I came from an Ape and Jesus was just made up but He rescued me and as I matured as a Christian God showed me His reality both in The Scriptures and in Creation, they never contradict each other.

    I have had dark times over the last 33 years in my Christian walk but I have never doubted God, just myself but Thankfully after asking for His wisdom and empowering He has shown me my reality too in Christ Jesus, I’m not Perfected in God’s Love yet but I’m aiming for it.

    God Bless you greatly – Anne.

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  3. I’ve enjoyed reading your material, Graham. I’d first found your blog by way of your comment to apablo79, an atheist writer elsewhere. I’ve only written to the same poster once, he didn’t feel able to reply however. 🙂


    I’d like to thank you for your piece on piercing the darkness by our praise. Your words about the shortness of life, yet fulfilling our purpose, reached me well.


    • Dear oldschoolcontemporary I did intent to reply sooner – Sorry for delay
      Family life and writing and commenting on others blogs and YouTube videos, get quite time consuming
      I’m glad my piercing the darkness by our praise touched you, I see you are a frequent visitor and commenter on midoriskies blog

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