A Closer Walk With Thee

A closer walk with thee, is the title of a well known spiritual song going back many years in pop music industry and a song that has been sung by many singing artists

As Christians we are called to grow more like Christ as we are followers of Christ

Meanwhile the rest of the world is speeds off in all sorts of directions, (away from God) the directions include creating humanised robots, such as the much published Artificial Intelligence Robot Sophia (“godhead” simulation

While scientists have been desperately trying to get ageing process to be recognised as a disease and who is striving for eternal life by working to find a cure or at least slow the ageing process down

At some point soon the will attempt to redesign our DNA, (if they haven’t already started tampering

As with other forms of genetic tampering the likelihood of mutants is surly a strong possibility

The X-Men film characters come to my mind as they were all mutants, although a fictional film perhaps it’s a foretaste of humans future if DNA tampering continues

Saul who later became Paul came to believe that Christ rising from the dead was the greatest of all miracles, which also promised us Life eternal

Meanwhile the supposed Mother church is so reinventing it’s teaching, it may soon become unrecognisable, it has already agreed with the world Adam & Eve story is fictional

While busily encouraging and embracing other religions in an attempt to bring in a one world acceptable belief

The mother church has now accepted evolution as fact, but under Gods direction, all of these things make me wonder if the mother church has become aware of their power of authority slipping away from them, so they are now struggle to regain control by appealing to the masses

So what of present day Christians? Are we to become so tarnished by the world that Christ is not seen through our very being?


Free Thinkers & Atheists

Both of these groups consider themselves to think rationally and judging by the amount of time and effort they put into their attempts to educate us stupid Christians, we evidently annoy them greatly

Atheists spend much of their time commenting on Christian videos, either mocking or leaving insult remarks which in turn annoys Christians who respond in assorted ways

Some expressing their annoyance some with Bible quotes and sometimes other comments less Christians, but it seems to me both groups are wasting time and energy

Free thinkers such as Richard Dawkins insist that this world would be better off without any religion and the Bible along with other holy books are just a books of fairy stories

Richard and others like him think it’s their duty to eradicate all traces of every religion, by re-educating all believers and convert us into their considered understanding

They often refer to Christians as brain washed, and not capable of rational thinking, they say we should be like them and question everything

They state it is because of Christianity in particular is holding  the progress the human race and only when all traces of all religion has been wiped from our minds will humans begin to reach their full potential

Turning to another group who on the surface could be considered religious, those who teach or follow the teaching of The Secret, who have been known to use passages from the Bible

Including words spoken by Jesus, which they manipulate to suit their own teaching while they try to appear to support Christian teachings

Lets not forget all those whose earnest desire is to bring about a one world religion, which to them seem the way to avoid more wars, by integrating other religions into Christianity

It occurred to me while writing this that atheists freethinkers need all religions especially Christianity to keep them active if nothing else

Likewise Christians need atheists to keep them on fire for God, in reaction to the sharp edged remarks about God, Jesus and the Bible

As for myself certainly needed prodding from atheists to stir and rekindle my faith fire, through scathing remarks I came across in Christian YouTube videos

If I had not read those mostly unkind remarks, I might have plodded along into deeper apathy and even fallen away from believing altogether

So I often thank God for turning my situation around by directing me to those comments from several atheists

Willing Slaves

Note: I know from my own experience, slavery of any type can if allowed trap us into many blind addictions

In the darker past of man’s history acquiring slaves was considered a normal part of life

Mostly the so called owners often believed it was their God given right and saw nothing wrong in using force to capture unsuspecting people to become slaves

The treatment of slaves was little short of barbaric and it wasn’t until many centuries of this inhuman practice that men of courage stood up in public meeting and spoke out about the evils of slave trading

They worked timelessly to abolish the slave trade and owning slave, as no person wherever they lived, should be brutally captured and forced to work for others

They should also not have to endure often cruel treatment of flogging and being shackled and hunted down if they dared to escape

Although the slave trade was ended many years ago, it seems that there still places in the world that continue this outdated and inhuman practice

As to the slaves themselves none would ever gone willing into slavery, but there are those in the world who willing become slaves even if they don’t realise they are

Here I’m talking about slaves to addictions, be it smoking, drinking strong liqueur or using dugs which may seem harmless enough to begin with, but soon affect their minds and bodies

There are also sex slaves, selling themselves for money as prostitutes, then there others who are still being forced into this degrading form of slavery.

Yet there are others who willing become a slave and indulge in such perverted sex it would make you cringe,  they who seem to indulge just for the sear thrill or sense of power even though both are temporary

All too many people allow ourselves to become enslaved (myself included) by the devil who is expert in wicked lies, fooling us into believing sexual self-indulgence is not sinful

But anything that leads us to do things that become addiction, will damage our bodies therefore are sin

While God disapproves of any sin and is distressed at us for using our free will in such harmful ways, but still loved us enough to sacrifice Jesus who like the Shepard He is, longs for us to come back into the fold of safety and love

2018 Will this year be different?

2018 Will this year be different, or perhaps we ourselves should strive to make it different

But how? Is the question that springs to mind, after all most people who make a New Years resolution, don’t get very far into the year before they either forget about their resolution or simply give it up as too hard

I recently saw a quote about “success” which said of course it would be hard to achieve, for if something was easy to do, everyone would be doing it

Success  in this case was to do with acquiring money, but my post is about everyday people making a difference in this New year.

As Christians we need to be committed to express our desire to share our faith and belief, not in a over pushy way

But rather in a loving and full of care for others who may not have experienced the peace – love and joy of knowing Jesus as Savior

Some of those we seek to reach, may have already fallen into disbelief and turn away from their faith, others may have been taught lies about Christ

While others have chosen not to believe in any god at all, let alone a loving God, who was willing to be sacrificed

While there might be some who consider me a coward if I don’t stand on a street corner preaching from the bible, I would be willing to answer questions about my faith if asked

I know I am far being perfect, only a human who has fallen short too many times, however with God’s help I’m a work in progress

Even if I fail from time to time, I know in my heart that Jesus died for ME!

I shall continue to Praise His name and sing praises every day He gives me breath


Once Upon a Star

Once upon a star, not just any ordinary star, this was a one of a kind unique star
A star like no other before it and since, to be the brightest shining star ever created
The light radiated so bright it could be seen for miles, even in far off countries
Helping those who searching in the night sky as a sign of a holy child who would put to shame this brightness of stars
For this star was created for a special purpose, to announce the birth of a child, a long awaited Holy child, born in humble dwellings

The bright star guided three kings who had long searched to night skies, eagerly awaiting a sign in the sky such as this bight guiding star

Leading them onwards to witness fro themselves the birth of the most special child to ever be born

That same night there were humble shepherds who knew nothing of this miraculous event, until they were told by an angel, the shepherds now also followed that most brightest of all stars

This child although ordain to be the king of kings, was to be born in a humble manger with no fine clothing as would befit the expected son of God

Even so all who beheld this child fell to their knees in worship, for even now they could see his glory and bore witness to his holiness

So it was on the very first Christmas day, may we always remember who it was that was born on this day and strive to celebrate his birth upon this day

May you all have a Blessed time rejoicing the birth of our Savior

To All Children of God

This is a pencil drawing I did sometime ago, but only just found out how I could enbed it into my blog post

Not original but freehand drawn, copied from old Christmas card

Children in Prayer

Children in prayer what a wonderful concept, as we all become children of God  when we acept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour

We can all have the pure hearts of children, as our sins are already forgiven

Whatever real age we are, we are loved by Jesus as His own children and should never feel it above ourselves to kneel in prayer just like the image above

I found the image inspiring and felt compelled to draw my own version and now I’m happy to be able to share it with all of you who visit my blog posts

Children in prayer, so pure in heart

Never let your childhood love depart

Even when you age beyond your childhood

If you love the Lord your God as you should

You will remain as children in my sight

So with my love I will protect you both day and night

Believers Unite and let Our Light Shine

In this increasingly disbelieving world full of those who would put an end to all religions if they were able

Even though they have not yet figured how to accomplish this yet, they never pass up the opportunity to criticize or poke fun at any believers they come across

With their main aim towards Christians, by using evolution and twisted passages from the Bible

Along with insulting name calling of God and demanding real proof of Jesus, as they argue he never lived and was just yet another fairy story from the bible full of such stories

Even amongst Christians the enemy has driven a large wedge of separation using the old tactic of divide and conquer

I recently watched a video the other day featuring David Attenborough – Richard Dawkins – Richard Leakey – Jane Goodall Debate on how we should tackle the issue of saving our own planet

With Jane Goodall saying if there were one species that if it became extinct, would help to save this world, it would be us humans

Further on also said we need to reduce the population of earth, and this was agreed upon by other debaters, although not offering any ideas of how or who would decide how this would be done

Another problem which was discussed, was poverty and that those barely living in that situation must be taught not to desire the wealth and lifestyles the west enjoys

After watching up till this point in the video, it occurred to me that we Christians need to get involved with all of these problems by praying about the problems rather than trying to solve them

Although many religions and churches already involve themselves, the Salvation Army is one of those groups who not only believe in Jesus and preach the word but also minister to the poor and needy

Even the Jehovah Witnesses go to other countries when a disaster strikes, even if they do this to further their influence, at least they help rather than talk about the situations

Dear brothers in Christ let us put aside our differences and name banner we go under, and stand together to show the rest of the world that we care enough to take action and let the light of God shine through us and make our little lights shine brighter than the sun

For we are called to love one another and to uplift each others spirit and to preach the gospel, and to shed light in the darkness

So that through us God’s love and goodness might be seen and all who witness us doing Gods will, and they too shall praise God