Believers Unite and let Our Light Shine

In this increasingly disbelieving world full of those who would put an end to all religions if they were able

Even though they have not yet figured how to accomplish this yet, they never pass up the opportunity to criticize or poke fun at any believers they come across

With their main aim towards Christians, by using evolution and twisted passages from the Bible

Along with insulting name calling of God and demanding real proof of Jesus, as they argue he never lived and was just yet another fairy story from the bile full of such stories

Even amongst Christians the enemy has driven a large wedge of separation using the old tactic of divide and conquer

I recently watched a video the other day featuring David Attenborough – Richard Dawkins – Richard Leakey – Jane Goodall Debate on how we should tackle the issue of saving our own planet

With Jane Goodall saying if there were one species that if it became extinct, would help to save this world, it would be us humans

Further on also said we need to reduce the population of earth, and this was agreed upon by other debaters, although not offering any ideas of how or who would decide how this would be done

Another problem which was discussed, was poverty and that those barely living in that situation must be taught not to desire the wealth and lifestyles the west enjoys

After watching up till this point in the video, it occurred to me that we Christians need to get involved with all of these problems and in some way attempt to solve them

Although many religions and churches already involve themselves, the Salvation Army is one of those groups who not only believe in Jesus and preach the word but also minister to the poor and needy

Even the Jehovah Witnesses go to other countries when a disaster strikes, even if they do this to further their influence, at least they help rather than talk about the situations

Dear brothers in Christ let us put aside our differences and name banner we go under, and stand together to show the rest of the world that we care enough to take action and let the light of God shine through us and make our little lights shine brighter than the sun

For we are called to love one another and to uplift each others spirit and to preach the gospelgospel, and to shed light in the darkness

So that through us God’s love and goodness might be seen and all who witness us doing Gods will, shall praise God


I Surrender All I Surrender All, a YouTube video I wanted to embed so that it would be included in my post
However WordPress does not seem to allow this anymore, basically because I use a Free membership, so WordPress promptly changes the ebeded video back into a link, however I still intend to write this post

I Surrender All, is one of my favorite Hymns which stuck firmly in my memory and I would often find myself humming it (humming is one of my bad and annoying habits)
But it wasn’t until recently that I came to know the truth of the words of that song

When I finally relinquished my control (poor control) over my addiction of far too many years, it wasn’t until and Surrendered EVERYTHING, that I began to benefit from the effects that this Hymn and the words sing about

The sense of freedom was wonderful beyond mere words can explain, as anyone who has tried to give up any kind of addiction will tell you just how impossible giving up their addiction can be

They will also tell you the longer you allow it to dominate your life, the harder it is to give up and that is certainly true in my case

What they may not tell you but I will, is how I made up excuses and reasons anything but admit I was addicted

As to the addiction I would prefer not to give into details, just to say it was sexual based, and started way back in my innocent youth

It was instigated by another boy who sat next to me at school, who seemed to know about sexual things, but I allowed it to continue ignoring his advances as best I could

Until one day he stopped in the same unannounced manner he had started, but by then I had become so accustomed to him taking advantage of my quiet nature

I found I could not remove the memory of his actions, and began fantasizing and indulging myself in very the same action he had done to me

My fist excuse “it was not my fault he had perverted me” so with that excuse I could continue where he left off

But as time went on I had to come up with other excuse, as my sexual appetite increased

Here are some of those excuses “I’m only human” “You have to have some pleasures in life, too boring otherwise” It’s not as if I’m hurting anyone”

But these were just lies, that allowed me to continue  and not face up to the fact I was addicted, which lead me into much darker places (practices)

One thing I had noticed the more power of the addiction grew the more it demanded, and the sense of loneliness as how could I explain to anyone until now

For now Jesus has been gratuitous enough to lift the burden of me, so that I am no longer addicted and even if I stray back into that dark place of self-indulgence

These two passages below came to my mind, but had to do a google search to find the actual passages and verse

Ephesians 4:22-24English Standard Version (ESV)

2 Corinthians
to put off your old self,[a] which belongs to your former manner of life and is corrupt through deceitful desires,
23 and to be renewed in the spirit of your minds, 24 and to put on the new self, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness.

– Therefore if any man [be] in Christ, [he is] a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Putting off my old self is way over due, how about you?

I will give praise to you oh! Lord

Let men say what they will about me, I care not for their empty praise or slanderous remarks

For with every breath even my dying breath I will give praise to you oh Lord

Even though I’m still a vile sinner I shall not allow them to speak ill of you oh Lord

I shall raise my voice against all who deny you or utter deceitful words against you

Whatever lies they spin or false teaching they preach against you

I will speak of your love your passion your sacrifice, whether they listen or not

Whether they believe my words or not, even if they threaten my very life in attempts to persuade me to disown you

I may falter in my human weakness and for a moment be taken in by their lies and twisting of the truth, but as for me I have known you from the days of my youth

When you became a much needed friend, someone who knew me better than I knew myself

I was drawn to you as you touch my heart with your compassionate love, not once did you chastise or rebuke me even though I strayed far from you in my later years

Never once did toss me to one side, but with much patience you came in search of me refusing to forsake me

Ready to comfort me when life became unbearable, ready to uplift me with your love when I became lonely, to fill me with your joy when I became sorrowful

As you reached out to me time after time in the darkest of places, where I had foolishly allowed myself to become entangled in my arrogance

Then late one night while I was asleep, you reached out to me reminding me of your love for me, filling my very soul with such joy I could not contain it within and awoke with joyous laughter

How could I have forgotten the depth of your love, the sublime peace, the exquisite joy, the richness?

Even though this lasted for a short moment of our time, I knew it was but a brief foretaste of the glory of your kingdom

Whatever the rest of my days hold in store for me, I must share this and declare that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour and my dearest friend

Psalm 150:6 Let everything that has breath praise the LORD.


The Darkest of All Days

If the day ever dawned that I gave up believing and became an atheist, that would be for me the darkest day

If they finally convinced me that Jesus was not a real person or that his whole life was just another biblical fairy story, for me to give up a lifelong friend as he became to me would be unbearable and this would be the darkest of all days 

Although atheist would say it was a bright day, as I would be now free to start living life the way in which it should live uncluttered and unrestricted by religion

While there is a certain appeal to the idea of being able to please oneself, self-indulgence is mostly a short lived with far reaching consequences

At least the pleasure side of self-indulgence is short lived, the after affects are all too often longer lasting, as bad habits are easily formed from self-indulgence

Habits that grow in silent strength quickly overtaking any self-control, rendering us incapable of resisting, until the point of no return when we become addicted

I find it hard to imagine what my life would be like without religion, my faith my belief my prayers will be heard and answered

If I were to give up my faith, I know I would be filled with sorrow, for there would be no reason for singing praise songs, which have become a big and precious part of my life as they were for those who wrote them in the past

I often hear “there is no after life or heaven, just this one life” while this makes also me sad but not for the reasons they who say such thing might expect

As I doubt I would qualify as a faithful servant, but it would be enough for me to meet face to face with Jesus even if he turn me away

But not getting to live forever and dwell in heaven is not my saddest thought, but my deepest sadness would not be able to comfort my family once I die and even if I lived in paradise this regret well may haunt me

While I realize that religions often give rise to misunderstanding which may then lead to misguided followers to do evil things, this fact alone could be enough to persuade me to give up my own faith beliefs

This however would require a lot more convincing than mere words can affect me, it would also mean putting aside all of my past experiences

Even thinking about this fills me with utter despair, I can’t even imagine what my life would be like without Jesus – without the praise songs – without prayer and the assurance if answers

Lies vs the Truth

Have you noticed how many places on the web, spew out lies about the Bible and Jesus

All to ready to totally dismiss the Bible as fairy stories, but when this fails other lies are used, to say the main characters Moses and Jesus didn’t exists

So how can we know which a lie is and which is the truth?

The simplest way to tell is, wait and see how long these rumours (lies) last, they all seem to be fairly short lived, whereas the true remains for years

Plus there will be newer lies pass around, to replace the older ones that failed to convince


Allow me to remind you of some of those lies, in order you can see them as a hollow shames

“God was an alien” as in a creature from another planet, but since God is eternal and created all the planets, the alien is just another lie to belittle God

“God is dead” & “there is no God” these two contradict each other, as if god couldn’t be dead if there was no god in the first place

 The Bible is just fairy stories made up by ignorant nomadic tribes 

But this could only be partly true, as the Old Testament or Torah was written by those tribes, but not the New Testament

Moses & Jesus were not real people, they are borrowed stories from other cultures

“The great flood and the ark of Noah, could never have happened, or the would be evidence”

However why is Venice still a city of water?


There are other such lies, but this will do for now, as I wanted to move onto those concerning Jesus, many of these lies may been forgotten but where eagerly passed around as true

No 1: In the not so distant past, there was a rumour, Jesus was homosexual, only because he associated with only men, but this was a lie and short lived

Mary Magdalene became a faithful follower and Jesus also forgave another women her sins of adultery

It also seems that there were a group of female followers headed by Mary Magdalene

No 2: Jesus did not died, he was replaced by someone else who looked like him

But Jesus must have died, because he rose again and appeared too many crowds, and also to his disciples

If Jesus was not crucified and therefore did not die then there could be no resurrection and as Paul said “We are to be pitied more than any other people”

Even in these modern days Jesus appears and they are converted and their lives are transformed

No 3: Jesus was just an ordinary man and not a god or son of god

This is untrue as Jesus would not have been able to forgive sins, which he did on more than one occasion, if he did not have that authority and therefore declare himself God in doing so

As you will see there has be a variety of lies that conflict with each, all claiming to be reasoned truths 

Believers know him  as the father of all lies, a deceiver a twister of the truth

To such an extent Satan allowed himself to be ridiculed and even encouraged people to mock and portray him in many ways ranging from powerful and frightening to little more than an impish and playful figure while devising new ways to dishonour the name of his creator

Whispering lies that would take root which would grow into doubts, which later on would grow into disbelief of a loving god, in the minds of believers

Satan – Beelzebub – Devil – Father of lies – Lucifer are just a few of the names Satan is known by, the titles of the Father of lies describes his personality the best

For he will use anything as a weapon even using the word of god, when tempting Jesus, failing miserably he must have decided if he could discredit the Bible as fairy  stories he would stand a better chance of defeating God

In this process Satan hide himself away by cloaking his appearance in human’s minds frequently altering their perception of himself

As his image has changed over time, from the fallen angel,

Also by providing humans with anything to distract them long enough to implant doubts and strange ideas they would later claim to be the result of their intelligence and ability to reason

Providing false evidence of the alternative to creation, which would strengthen his lies and make them appear to be the truth

While appealing to the base nature of man, with ideas of temporary enjoyment in the guise of freedom, suggesting that humans should please themselves and there was nothing wrong with doing so frequently

Even to the extent feeding them false information that this life is our only onee, which should be lived to the fullest, ignoring any restricting instructions (10 commandments

Hence the eat drink and be merry attitude of self-indulgence

While gathering followers for himself, by appearing to be an easy going undemanding deity of creation and encouraging them to worship him, which was what Satan had secretly wanted

A Question of Faith

This is my update about a group of videos on YouTube, uploaded by a group of Atheists, who run a live phone in debate programme, and video them so they can get a wider audience watching

Who ask for believers to phone and have discussion about why they believe, and then proceed to try to make the believer seem silly or stupid or blinded by what they term fairy stories

Even going as far as stating the there is no proof that Jesus actually lived at all, and boldly claiming there is no heavily supreme god

They also question why the believer thinks the Bible is true and ask what proof the believer can offer

But when any believer say “it’s by faith I believe”, the Atheists disregard this by saying to the believer they need to wake up to reality

So why do I continue to watch these videos you may well ask, because those Atheist radio phone in programmes only serve to make me more determined to prove them wrong, even at times I can see valid arguments against religion as a whole


As there have been many occasions in history that Christianity has been used in a self-righteous way by a man’s vanity to be superior over of the races

Killing or enslaving many others in the name of Christ, although this was totally wrong and against Christ’s teaching, this was because of man’s inability to interpret capital God’s will

The Pharisees of the Old Testament often by adding to their own regulations which became burdensome to the people they were meant to be teaching

Pharisees well-known for this form of self-righteousness, Jesus frequently chastised them for almost completely turning away from the rules that there have been given by God

As to the remark by the atheists that Jesus was never born and the story of his birth history as another fairy story within the holy Bible which according to them is full of for fairy stories

Many are the atheist’s claim that the holy Bible has been proven to be wrong and it was written by nomadic tribes of a superstitious nature and therefore has no truth in it in

However this argument by the atheist’s falls short Internet the Bible is in two sections, the first being the Old Testament and the other the New Testament

New Testament was written by the apostles, including the devout zealous Jew, Paul who before he became a Christian put many of Christ’s followers to death until the day Jesus appeared to him until the day he would accept Christ as his saviour


As to the atheists statement that Jesus was never even born, and purely a fictional character they failed to provide any reason why stories of Jesus

Why would anyone produce such stories and include them in what was to become the New Testament of the Holly Bible book?

Furthermore if Jesus was not in life had never been born and lived and died on the cross or tree as explained in the gospels, then how is it possible that so many people’s lives have been transformed when it pray to Jesus coming to you, into their lives?

For example the founder of the salvation army William Booth was stronger convinced that the word of god needed to be taken to those who needed the gospels taught to them and he went into the east end of London which was in those days unsuitable place to go preaching

As there were many vices were rife, also there was no compassion within that community

Even so he went ahead and preached frequently although there was great opposition to his and his speaking and all did not go well but he persisted

Overtime conversions to the faith began and grew, for many would transform from their worthless and pointless lives into more fulfilled and happier lives

Even in these present days, many lives have been totally transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, after accepting Jesus as their Lord and Saviour