Anger – Frustration and the Power of Stillness

Anger had been welling up inside of me all day, or that’s the way it seemed at the time.I knelt on the floor intending to complain or even argue with God, I could feel my anger and frustration welling up demanding to be set free

Although if someone was to ask me now why I was so angery, I could not say or remember.

All I recolect is I felt I might explode and could continue no longer, so I knelt on the floor intending to complain or even argue with God, I could feel my anger and frustration welling up demanding to be set free

My body shivered not just with the cold of the night air, but also the powerful force of my anger, as I opened my mouth to speak I hear the words “Be still”

I found unable to speak as a quietness spread over me like a velvet blanket, enveloping me in such an indescribable peace, my hand tenderly held as I journeyed into the very presence of God

My anger and frustration began to float out of me, rising as steaming water, no longer bothering my mind or soul – no longer mine to cling onto

Quietly at first sweet music played from a distance, gradually it came closer or perhaps it was I that moved, whichever it was soon it enveloped me so complete my body – my soul rose up with the increasing crescendos

Entering into such beauty – such wholeness surrounded I lost self-awareness so completely

I became just a tiny speck of this immense oneness, this experience was beyond feelings or anything I could have ever imagined

As there was no sense of time, I could not how long I remained there, but I hope the memory will linger on and remain with me for the rest of my life

Slowly after what seem forever, my spirit descended back into my body which shivered once more, for it had missed my spirit and jolted at its arrival

This empty shell my body which the Holy Spirit of God had given as one of many gifts, for now I appreciated all of those gifts as I had never before

I was now so full of unexplainable joy I could not help myself and burst into praise songs, with such force my body shook once again, and trembled with the awesome power that still linger within me

All that frustration and anger that had so tortured my mind and body were but a faded and distant memory, replaced by this sweet gentle and wonderful peaceful love.

Even though my body and mind now told me to rise, I didn’t want to leave even though I was now aching, reluctantly I whispered Amen.

I arose stiffly from my kneeling and stretched and once more raised my voice in praise, turning away left my room to return to what would never quite be normal life again


What wondrous story can I write, what words can I use?

To kindle a fire of hope and joy with your hearts, what words of wisdom could I give – if wisdom has anything to do with years!
Then I should suitably wise, for many years have passed me by, in fleeting moments of time and here I am at the ripe old age of 67 even so I will not bemoan the fast passing of time
As with many others, there have been things I have done and regretted in the past and equally as many things left undone
While no one can alter the past or those thing they regret, we are still able to do those things left undone by starting them without further delay
By adopting the attitude of “never put of till tomorrow what you can do today” we can tackle everything undone as a new and exciting challenge
With this in mind I intend to make out a list of things I have left undone, and work through them one by one until I have achieved them all
I say this not to boast, but to encourage you to do the same as life needs to be lived to the fullest possible for you may never know what you can do unless you at least try
You may never know whose life you may touch and influence by what you do and say, and by enriching someone else’s life you add value to your own
While you may never rise to the dizzy heights of the famous or well renowned, you can always aim to exceptional, never settling for second best or mediocre
Allow yourself to grow beyond any limitations that you or others may have set up in your past, progress onwards and forwards into new adventures

Laughter a Joy onto the soul

In answer to a question about what is a laugh, Kenny Dodd once said “There are many layers of laughter, like a rainbow which starts with the brightest colour white, the purest of laughter is that of children

When you pass a school playground, you will their laughter which is just the simple joy of being alive

The sound of this laughter can lift your spirits and is a to your soul, the soul that sacred home of pure being and all admirable emotions

Such as love – joy – compassion – kindness – thoughtfulness – consideration

There have been many times in my life when someone’s laughter has touched my soul and lifted me up from dark and troublesome times

When my heart had been heavy laden and my mind is also troubled, but thankfully the sound of my wife’s laughter dispersed all the darkness

For my wife is liked to Peter Pan, she never wanted to grow up, at least in her mind and heart, for within the soul of us all lies the childlike joy that is expressed through the sound of laughter

What a dark and gloomy world this would be without love or the beautiful sound of laughter, for love and laughter have the power to defeat even the darkest and loneliest moments of life

Along with the innocence of childhood, that young children possess with their ability to enjoy life just for the pleasure of being alive

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