Where were you in my hour of need?

In your darkest hour of need, I was there to be your light to guide your way

In your deepest depression, I was there to lift you up and give you my endless joy

In your sorrow and grief, I was there to comfort you and hold you as my child that you are

In your loneliness, I was there to be your friend and share my deepest love beyond all understanding

When hatered surrounded you, I offered you my love so rich that even the memory of hate would dissolve away

When you were poor, I offered you my abundances so you would not lack for nothing

When you were lost and strayed far away, I came in search of you to guide you back home to me

In your foolishness, I was patient and with love greater than your earthly farther

In your youthful defiance, when you search for your own way, I was waiting to guide you back to my path

When you were disappointed, I wanted to give you all that you might be satisfied

In every hour of every day, every moment of time I was there for you

In all your life, I have been there for you, to carry you when weary, to love you unconditionally

When you reached out for me, I reached down to you and brought you to myself and held you tightly

But …..

Where were you when they whipped my body?

Where were you there when they crucified me on the tree?

Where were you there when they pierced me in the side?

Where were you when all my followers abandoned me?

Where were you in my hour of need?



5 thoughts on “Where were you in my hour of need?

  1. Thank you Graham for your Encouragement and Support on my Blog it’s very much appreciated but I’m sorry I could not leave a Like on your Post the same as with others who Blog, the Likes keep disappearing even on my Blog.

    WordPress Support have not responded and offered a Solution even though I have contacted them more than once, so I have decided to only Visit and Comment on Bloggers who Comment on my Posts, before I use to visit many Blogs and Comment when I felt lead to or add a Like to Encourage them when I didn’t Comment, now it would be a waste of time.

    But I do indeed Like your Message Graham it has great Truth and yes where were we when they Crucified Jesus, as we look into the Future when He was on the Cross, we were Sinning and that is why He had to suffer and Die but Praise God Death couldn’t keep Him down and we have now been set free from the Slavery of Sin..

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

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  2. Hi Graham, I’m not so sure now that the Problem is with WordPress Support, they could be having Hacking problems again, we will see.

    I’m still waiting for the Dental Clearance so I can have the Open Heart Surgery, 4 teeth are gone but there are more that need removing, I Thank God my Heart has been OK even though it’s been very painful having my Teeth removed and each time it’s hard to eat and sleep,

    Thank you again for your Prayer Support Graham, God Bless you greatly for your Faithfulness..

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

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